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Kids 'n Kinship School Based Program

School Based Mentoring is:

  • a friendship program matching adult volunteers with children in need of a supportive relationship and school work assistance.
  • for children, referred by their teacher at Glacier Hills and Thomas Lake Elementary Schools in Eagan, Westview Elementary in Apple Valley and Parkview Elementary in Rosemount.
  • individual volunteers who will mentor a child at school and then out in the commununity during the summer. The volunteer may involve their family during the summer mentoring.

What it’s all about:

Kids 'n Kinship is a private non-profit organization that matches children referred by school  staff, who have a need for an additional supportive relationship with carefully screened adult volunteers. Once a match has been made, volunteers spend a half hour per week with the child at school during the school year. During the summer months, the mentor and child will get together weekly for activities such as picnics, going to the library, attending sporting events, hobbies, or going to the movies. Volunteers make a one-year commitment to the program.

Through their Kinship relationship the child will:

  • form a long-term friendship with a caring adult. 
  • receive positive attention and assistance with schoolwork.
  • develop the sense of self-worth that is essential to successfully functioning in school, in healthy relationships and eventually on the job.

Kinship volunteers will:

  • model the importance of doing well in school
  • share skills and demonstrating responsibility
  • have fun getting to know a child and helping them feel connected and successful at school

a profile of one of the students waiting for a school based mentor:

Bella is in 4th grade and enjoys art and would like to do more of it – she also likes swimming and taking walks. She likes school, and would like a mentor who can meet with her at school during the day, then get together for activities outside of school during vacations and summer.  Her single parent mom is looking for a mentor Bella can look up to and bond with and who support her daughter at school and provide the opportunity for activities. Bella would like a mentor to look up to and talk with and who also likes art!

Please contact Rita Younger, Kids 'n Kinship at 651-686-0990 or

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