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“Is Kids 'n Kinship right for my Child?”

Kids 'n Kinship serves children ages 5 to16 in the following communities: Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, Lakeville and Rosemount.  



  • Are you a single parent, guardian or grandparent interested in having your child being a part of a healthy, positive, and supportive relationship with another adult or family?

  • Does the child have a need for a positive adult role model because of inconsistent relationships with adults, the death of a parent, or issues that affect the parent being able to meet their child's emotional needs? Are the child’s needs currently being met or are the child’s needs appropriately identified? Is the child able to connect with a mentor? Does the child want to have a mentor?

  • Is the child in need of additional adult support in the form of a friend?  Kids 'n Kinship volunteers go through a screening and training process but are not professional social workers/counselors? Does the child have mental health, behavior, attachment or physical issues that may prevent them from successfully interacting with a mentor, who may have little experience in these areas?

  • Has the family addressed/ or is in the process of addressing needs that may be barriers to a long-term mentor relationship (such as having housing and a phone, counseling for family crisis such as recent deaths, physical and mental health or abuse situations)?

  • Does the child have current medical insurance?

  • Is the family willing to support a mentor for their child by submitting an application, having a home visit by Kids 'n Kinship staff, signing release of information forms?


    Kids 'n Kinship will seek a volunteer mentor to give your child the opportunity to spend time with a positive adult role model who will spend at least 1 hour per week for at least one year with your child. They will participate in activities they both enjoy such as; fishing, baking, hiking, biking or just hanging out.

    Our volunteers go through a thorough training and interview process which include: orientation, application, BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) background checks, 3 references, interview, and 2 hour training.

    Volunteers and families are provided with a Kids 'n Kinship Coordinator that is assigned to their match to provide support and help with any situations that may arise.

    Parent commitment is important! The parent must agree to support the child in their match by having the child ready for the match get-togethers, being present when the child is picked up and brought home, not withholding mentoring as punishment, communicating with the mentor, communicating with the Kids 'n Kinship coordinator.

    There is a waiting list. It may take us some time to find the right mentor for your child.

    A staff person will contact you once your application is received. They will do an Update with you and set up a time to come to your home to visit you and your child when we are close to matching your child. We will also do a Release of Information to help us gather information about your child. The Home Visit is an opportunity for us to get to know your child to be able to make the best possible match.

    Once a match for your child is found, we will call you with a summary of the potential volunteer(s). If you believe they would be a good match for your child, a match visit would be set up for you and your child to meet the volunteer and to go through the match visit with a Kinship coordinator in your home. You, and the potential mentor, will have two days after meeting to decide if you wish to move ahead with a one year commitment to a match.

  • Questions?  Please call us:

    For Apple Valley, Eagan or Rosemount or any School District 196 child, contact Rita Younger 651-686-0990 or

    For Burnsville, Farmington or Lakeville, contact Melynda Galioto 651-333-9468 or

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