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Congratulations to the 2015 Award Recipients

The Heart of Kids ‘n Kinship Award: Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson

The Community Partner Award: The 3M company


Friend of the Program Award: Janet Lekson

Janet Lekson

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Apple Valley MN, 55124
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Rick's Bike Sale

Rick, Kids 'n Kinship mentor, along with friends, refurbish and sell bikes and donate the proceeds to the program.
For more information, visit the website at


Rick accepts complete bikes of all makes and models from children’s first bikes to high end road and mountain bikes.

Rick is in urgent need of storage space in order to keep growing his annual sale. The space can be an unfinished basement, garage, empty retail or commercial space or other secure clean area.

Rick tunes all bikes at his home so no additional tuning will take place at the storage facility.

Additional details:
  • Preferred location of south metro area (ideally within 10 miles of Apple Valley)
  • Clean Space
  • Easy access to bring bikes in and out of
  • Secure place to prevent theft
  • Free or low cost rental
  • Space needs to be available September through May without interruption
  • Kids ‘n Kinship is a tax-exempt organization and your donation of space may be tax deductible.

Featured Video

Powerful Mentoring!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Search Institute

Sometimes we think of mentors narrowly as those who sign up through a formal program to spend time with a young person. In addition to these formal mentors, informal or everyday mentors can be any trustworthy adult who offers support, guidance, and encouragement to help young people overcome challenges and become their best selves.

What specific actions can adults take in their relationships with young people that help youth learn, grow, and thrive? Search Institute's newest research on developmental relationships identifies five essential actions that lay the foundation for a powerful mentoring relationship:
  1. Express Care: Young people value relationships with adults who show they genuinely like them and want the best for them. These relationships help youth know they really matter.
  2. Challenge Growth: Young people value relationships with adults who insist that they do their best to learn and improve.
  3. Provide Support: Young people value relationships with adults who offer tangible, appropriate feedback and guidance in completing tasks and achieving goals--without taking over and doing it for them.
  4. Share Power: Young people value relationships with adults in which they feel their voice is heard and they share in making decisions that affect them. This helps youth develop self-confidence and self-direction.
  5. Expand Possibility: Young people value trustworthy adults who help them broaden their horizons and connect them to opportunities for growth and discovery. 
Taken from The Search Institute Here.

Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota

Kids 'n Kinship has achieved Expert Partner status through Mentoring Partnership Minnesota's Quality Mentoring Assesment Path (QMAP) and has a 100% overall implementation rating on an extensive list of best practices and quality standards for mentoring programs. We are 1 of only 9 other programs to earn this distinguished rating under these rigorous guidelines.


Medical Monkeys

Kids 'n Kinship wishes to acknowledge the partnership with Medical Monkeys. Funds received from the purchase of the Medical Monkeys goes towards finding mentors for our waiting youth.

Kids 'n Kinship wishes to acknowledge the generous support of Mail Pack and Ship, Apple Valley and their wonderful donation of printing of our newsletter, and Media Relations, Inc for their pro bono work on publicity.