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CEM 900

Join us to welcome the CEM 900 Team home!


Saturday June 11th
10:00 am to 11:00 am
Merchants Bank
14990 Glazier Ave #100
Apple Valley

Merchants Bank sponsors the CEM - Christian Elder Memorial 900 along with community groups and business in support of the Kids ‘n Kinship mentoring program. Please join us to celebrate with music and refreshments and welcome the bike riders home from their 900 kilometer ride in support of mentoring! Check out the cyclists’ journey at

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Kids 'n Kinship
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Local Kids ‘n Kinship Volunteer is recognized

Eagan Man Receives National Community Hero Award

Volunteer mentor, Nick Varien, of Eagan, was nominated and won his employer's (Simpson Strong Tie) national Community Hero award. The Award was presented in Arizona. Nick is matched with a 16 year old Eagan teen; they have been together nearly four years. They enjoy food, friendship, movies, sports and family. Nick and his wife, Bree consider the mentee a part of their family. Every conversation with Nick includes a recognition of his mentees' abilities, personality, manners or attitude. Nick talks about the very bright future his mentee has; his athletic accomplishments, goals, his academic struggles and triumphs, his maturity beyond his years and how he 'looks out' for his younger sister. Think about a young teen hearing a respected successful adult talk about you that way. It is very powerful.

Along with the award came a donation for $2,500 for Kids 'n Kinship. Kids 'n Kinship staff say " Nick is an excellent supportive role model and he is caring and interested. We value Nick and all he does for his mentee and our organization."

Rick's Bike Sale

The 8th annual Rick's Bike Sale was a very big success thanks to all the volunteers and customers!

Rick, Randy and crew gathered and tuned up hundreds of bikes and brought in $27,094.00 in sales. All to benefit Kids 'n Kinship, matching kids on the wait list with an awesome mentor! Thanks to everyone involved; bike donations for next year can be directed to Rick at:

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It's been a year!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

WOW!  I have been at Kids 'n Kinship a year!

In some ways it seems longer, and in other ways it feels like yesterday.

In the past year I have learned so much about my self and met so many spectacular kids,  mentors and volunteers!  Here are my definitions for some of the people I encounter daily:

Kids: resilient.  I am amazed by the resiliency of the kids I have the privilege of working with. Some who, by all rights should be angry at what life has handed them, yet often they are not.  That are just looking to find their way in this world and need some assistance from another caring adult, which is where our mentors come it!  

Mentors: fun.  The extraordinary grown ups that share their time, their life, their family and their heart with a young person and end up gaining so much more than just a friendship.

Volunteers: giving. The fabulous adults that band together and create committees to organize and run our events that  raise money to support what they believe in!

I am very lucky to be able to watch people's lives grow and change in so many different ways, my own included!!

Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota

Kids 'n Kinship has achieved Expert Partner status through Mentoring Partnership Minnesota's Quality Mentoring Assesment Path (QMAP) and has a 100% overall implementation rating on an extensive list of best practices and quality standards for mentoring programs. We are 1 of only 9 other programs to earn this distinguished rating under these rigorous guidelines.


Medical Monkeys

Kids 'n Kinship wishes to acknowledge the partnership with Medical Monkeys. Funds received from the purchase of the Medical Monkeys goes towards finding mentors for our waiting youth.

Kids 'n Kinship wishes to acknowledge the generous support of Mail Pack and Ship, Apple Valley and their wonderful donation of printing of our newsletter, and Media Relations, Inc for their pro bono work on publicity.