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Since meeting Trevor, our family’s friendship with him has grown to be very comfortable.  We like that we can include Trevor in our regular activities – we don’t have to go out of the way to find different things to do.  He fits into our life and we love having him around.  We’ve found that he and our son Mason have become close friends as well!  Some of our favorite things we’ve done with Trevor are rock climbing at REI, ice skating at our house and just hanging out and having fun at home.  Jerry has also been able to enjoy some one on one guy time, fishing and just hanging out.  I know Trevor enjoys spending time with our whole family but I think he also enjoys the times when he has Jerry to himself.

When others ask us how we know Trevor, we let them know that we met him through Kids N Kinship and explain that it’s a great mentoring program.  We let them know that Trevor has become an important part of our family and a friend to our children.  Mason says that he tells others that Trevor is his friend.  It’s that simple.  Being a part of Kids N Kinship and mentoring has helped our family by keeping us focused on others and not thinking only of ourselves.

Some things we’ve learned about Trevor are that he really enjoys BMX biking.  He’s always up for trying something new and willing to take on a challenge.  Also, we’ve found that he’s a very polite and respectful young man who wants to do well.  He’s a fun person to get to know!  In the future, we’d like to do more outdoor activities with Trevor such as camping, fishing and maybe see a Twins game.

If you are thinking of mentoring a child, know that you don’t have to do anything special – just be yourself.  You can include someone else in your regular plans; include them in your life.  The intent of mentoring is to make a difference in their life but I would expect that you will be affected in a positive way as well.  Your life will be richer. 

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