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Kids 'n Kinship serves children in the following cities: Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, Lakeville and Rosemount. Below are a few highlights of some of the many children waiting for mentors:


Mike is 7 years old. He loves riding his BMX bike, football, basketball, baseball, sledding & swimming. He also enjoys board games & video games, & movies and going fun places like Grandslam, the Minnesota zoo or the Children’s or Science Museums. He’s very active yet can be quiet about his feelings. He lives with his mom and older brother. Mike is waiting for a mentor couple or individual who will have fun with him and help him express himself in positive ways.


Christopher, age 8, enjoys gym & sports (soccer, hockey, football, & lacrosse). He also likes playing games, watching movies, doing math homework, scrapbooking, going to waterparks, skating, & skiing. He is friendly, talkative and active. He lives with his mom and 4 other siblings, whom he admits he pesters and fights with. His wish is for his very own Zamboni! He would love to have an individual or couple mentor him so he can have fun.


Matt is 6 years old. He enjoys riding his bike, being active outdoors and playing board games indoors. Matt is friendly and talkative. His older brother has a mentor. He has occasional behavior struggles and is working hard on his positive behavior. Matt will be in kindergarten this fall and he would like to learn more about basketball and soccer.


Rachel is 11 years old. She loves hockey, animals, and reading. She also enjoys ice skating, soccer, football, playing board games or card games, coloring, and movies. She likes going to the mall, the zoo, the library, to a movie, or to a Wild hockey game. Rachel is friendly, active, sweet, and sensitive. She lives with her mom and 4 other siblings. Rachel wants to learn how to ski and snowboard. She thinks her mentor could help her learn how to get along with her siblings better.


Beth, age 7, loves crafts, coloring, making jewelry, swimming, going to the zoo, and watching movies. She also likes sports (she plays soccer), Justin Bieber, and animals. She can be shy at first but opens up and becomes talkative. Beth is an active young girl with many different interests. She lives with her single parent mom and her younger brother in Farmington. Beth wishes that everybody in the whole entire world would get along and be nice to other people. She’s looking for a female mentor or couple to have fun with her.


Joshua is 9 years old. He likes football and basketball. He is waiting for a mentor in our School-Based program. Joshua is in 4th grade. He would like a mentor who will come to school once a week to listen to him read and then, read to him. He is a big help at home with his mom, grandmother and sister. He would benefit from a male mentor to encourage positive progress at school and enjoy some time outdoors during school vacations and summer months. His wish is to learn how to skateboard.


Michelangelo, age 6, enjoys watching movies, playing with legos, puzzles, games, snowball fights, sledding, bike riding, hockey & soccer. He is fun-loving, friendly, goofy, and active. He lives with his mom and 4 other siblings. He would love to have a mentor with a snake or a lizard. His wish is to win the lottery!


Natalie is 14 years old. She likes going to malls, shopping, and movies. She would also like to go to a sports event. Natalie is very smart and gets her homework done. She has a lot of responsibilities at home. Her mom is looking for a young, fun mentor to get out and do activities with Natalie and help her be a teenager and enjoy life. Natalie would like to continue to do well in high school and stay focused in her classes.


Alex is 5 years old. He enjoys sports such as football, basketball, and soccer. He also likes playing with toy cars, swimming, & going to the zoo and circuses (he loves animals). Alex is very talkative and active. He lives in Farmington with his single parent mom and his older sister. He doesn’t have any contact with his dad and his mom wants a male mentor or couple to spend time with him. Alex wants to play football and to be a ninja turtle (the blue one).


Crystal is 9 years old. She loves arts & crafts, cats & dogs, stories, and ice cream. She enjoys jump-roping, playing softball, scrapbooking, playing catch or hockey, and going to the mall. Crystal is friendly, sweet, and inquisitive, as well as helpful (she likes helping people shovel snow off their driveways!). She lives with her mom and 4 other siblings. She wants a mentor because “I really don’t get to spend time with a lot of people”.


Darren is 8 years old. He enjoys going fun places like Grandslam, ValleyFair, the Waterpark of America, the Minnesota Zoo, or the Children’s or Science Museums. He also loves football, riding his BMX bike, and going to Twins or Timberwolves games. Darren is kind-hearted & sensitive, but struggles some with anger issues. He lives with mom and his younger brother. He is waiting for a mentor couple or individual who will have fun with him outside and help him to make positive choices in challenging situations.


Brittany, age 5, enjoys sledding, arts & crafts, movies and games. She also likes bike riding, swimming, riding her scooter, going to the park, museums, Chuck E. Cheese, or a puppet show. She is very friendly and talkative. Brittany lives with her single parent mom and her older brother. Brittany wants a Barbie and a doggie purse and her 3 favorite people are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck & Pluto. She’s looking for a female mentor, couple, or family to have fun with her.


Maggie, age 14, is a huge fan of the band One Direction. She also loves swimming, biking, doing crafts, going to parks, and visiting historical museums. She loves animals, though she only has a fish for a pet. She misses her cat and would love a mentor with a cat, dog, or turtle as a pet. Maggie is sweet and a little shy. Her wishes are to live with her sister and to have her cat back. She lives with her grandparents and is looking forward to having a mentor individual or couple to have someone else to talk to and hang out with.


Alvin, age 8, loves football, soccer, & baseball. He also enjoys sledding, bowling, movies, playing games, and going places like Grandslam & Valleyfair. He is easy-going but active. His three favorite people are Batman, the Hulk, and Spiderman. Alvin lives with his single parent mom and his younger sister. Alvin would like to learn how to snowboard. He would also love a key to open any door. He’s looking for a male mentor, couple, or family with older kids to have fun with him.


Angee, age 8, enjoys swimming, playing on the monkey bars and biking - in school she likes gym and technology. Angee is very helpful to her mom and is very polite and interested in everything. Angee's mom is not able to get out much due to physical issues. Angee is waiting for a mentor through Kids n’ Kinship’s school-based program. Mentors meet weekly with the child at school & during school breaks the mentor match can enjoy community events, being outdoors and exploring interests together. A mentor would help her with working on reading and worksheets from the teacher, word and card games during the school day. She is seeking a fun and reliable mentor to encourage Angee's academics and help her get to know her community. Angee is waiting for a female mentor and she says "I would like a mentor who likes art and crafts and who would like to have fun and learn and go places."
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