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Kids 'n Kinship serves children in the following cities: Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, Lakeville and Rosemount. Below are a few highlights of some of the many children waiting for mentors:


Adam. age 10, is skilled at playing Monopoly and he is a great reader! He is interested in football, baseball and soccer. He also loves movies! Adam is smart, friendly, sensitive and athletic. He helps his single parent mom, around the house. Adam would like a mentor who likes sports and might want to go to a sporting event. He is good at math and could help teach math.


Marcaline, age 9, is a lovely girl who likes music, art and going to the library at school. She is in 3rd grade. Her teacher describes her as a loveable girl who needs positive attention - she is friendly, caring and hardworking. Marcaline and her mom would like a mentor who could meet with Marcaline at school a half hour each week and get together outside of school during school breaks and the summer. Marcaline would love a mentor who would come to school to listen to her read and help with her match worksheets.


Bob, age 10, likes martial arts and basketball; being outside, playing chess and playing with his cat. Bob says he can get distracted easily but is interested in everything! His favorite color is blue and he likes animals and playing games. He takes martial arts classes and could teach a mentor about that. Bob has a great relationship with his dad and both would like a couple as mentors to increase Bob's socialization. His school reports that Bob has many strengths and that a mentor would really enjoy befriending Bob. Bob said if he had a mentor, he would love to learn more about rock climbing, go to parks and play basketball.


Sassy, age 10, enjoys soccer and painting. Sassy is a lovely girl who likes to eat, watch TV, go to parks, play soccer and paint! She lives with her single parent mom and is in 5th grade. Her school staff describes her as having a lot of potential and very smart. Sassy also loves music and would like to be a singer. Sassy would like to learn to swim and would like a mentor to do activities with her!


Steve, age 10, likes going to parks, reading comics, biking and making things. Steve is fun, energetic, nice, caring and enthusiastic! Steves' single parent mom is interested in a male role model or couple or family for her son. Steve says lunch and recess are his favorites subjects at school and his teacher is super nice. He is a great reader! Steve would love to learn more about making things with metal or building things.


Joe, age 5, likes the Vikings and likes to play football. He also is a terrific Lego builder! He likes to find bugs and provides them with water so they can stay healthy outside. Joe has an older sister and older brother, both have mentors. Joe would like an individual, couple or family mentor who also likes football as well as riding scooters and biking, with or without training wheels. He will start Kindergarten this fall. Someday he would like to have every toy in the world.


Alex is 6 years old. He enjoys sports such as football, basketball, and soccer. He also likes playing with toy cars, swimming, & going to the zoo and circuses (he loves animals). Alex is very talkative and active. He lives in Farmington with his single parent mom and his older sister. He doesn’t have any contact with his dad and his mom wants a male mentor or couple to spend time with him. Alex wants to play football and to be a ninja turtle (the blue one).


Hannah is 11 years old. She enjoys swimming but not in deep water yet. She likes drawing, reading, TV, and visiting, as well as sports. She likes most everything except having nothing to do. She is less a princess type girl and more of a tomboy girl. Hannah is talkative, active, energetic, musical and really wants a mentor. She completed her application herself with mom’s approval. Her teacher says "She really is a mentoring dream - sweet, great conversationalist, avid reader and learner!” Hannah moved from out of state to MN during the school year. Hannah says "I would like a mentor who enjoys having fun and being outside - and I can tell a great scary story!"


Rosie, age 7, likes being outside for swimming and playing games! She is interested in most anything. Rosie is bubbly! She is also a Daisy Girl Scout. Rosie likes school, and would like a mentor couple or a family with daughters older than she is, who enjoy being outside for activities. She lives in Apple Valley with her single parent mom and her older brother who has a mentor match in our program. Rosie would love to share ice skating, games biking and swimming with her mentors - she is hoping to learn to ski this year, too.


Aaron, age 11, loves animals and all kinds of sports. Tops on his list are tennis, basketball, baseball, kickball, soccer, track and field and hockey. Then comes relaxing, eating and talking. And board games too! His single parent mom is looking for a positive male role model for Aaron to look up to and share his sports interests. He is really looking forward to having a mentor. Aaron is in 4th grade; he told us "I am very excited about having a mentor and I hope I get someone who likes sports!"


Sally, age 15, enjoys walks with friends, playing games, baking and movies. She also likes painting her fingernails! She likes English and Government class in high school but doesn’t like getting up early. She helps her single parent mom with her younger sister. Sally could use some support with her self-confidence. Sally would like a mentor who enjoys going places, doing activities and learning new things.


Elizabeth, age 9, enjoys being outside and making crafts, any kinds of crafts. She particularly enjoys drawing. She also likes soccer and softball. Elizabeth is friendly and interested in having a mentor. Her single parent mom would like a mentor who can be patient with Elizabeth's learning disability, help her with reading and encourage confidence. Elizabeth is a talented artist and could teach a mentor about drawing bunnies or flowers. Elizabeth would like an individual female mentor or a couple, who enjoys art projects.


Simone, age 15, loves sports, especially basketball, football, & softball. She also enjoys roller-skating, action movies, video games, and working out. Simone is tomboyish and active, not a girly girl. She lives in Burnsville with her single parent mom and her younger sister. Simone wants to be in the NBA someday. She also wants a female mentor or couple who share her love of sports. She is looking forward to hanging out with someone and having somebody to talk to.
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