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Monday, March 28, 2016

Meet Rita as she shares her love for the youth she works with.....

I have a fantastic job. I get to meet the most wonderful people in the world. I interview volunteers: individuals, couples and families, who step forward to mentor a child needing support. As I get to know the volunteers, I have images and characteristics of amazing kids swimming around in my head.
Last week I got to know a teen I have known for over three years, a little better. Jeffrey witnesses his younger sister and her fantastic mentor match. He has wanted one too - and now, due to some changes in his life, he is ready to meet a wonderful mentor! Jeffrey is a great teen. He is smart, respectful and interested in lots of things, including playing games like Jenga and checkers. He also likes biking, skateboarding and rollerblading, swimming, basketball and football. He might like to learn Karate. He helps his grandmother with grocery shopping and he helped his grandfather rewire and install a ceiling fan.

Jeffrey has been in an adult-like role of caring for his younger siblings - he could really benefit from a thoughtful mentor or a mentor couple who could help Jeffrey enjoy being a kid! If you or someone you know is ready for the positive, life changing, experience of being a friend to Jeffrey, let us know at We will be happy to tell you more . . .
Posted by Melynda Galioto
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