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New Years Resolutions and Habits

Monday, February 5, 2018

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? How are you doing with them if you did? The beginning of the year is such a great time to start new habits and rhythms in our lives. But it’s also hard! Have you talked with your mentee about anything they are trying to change in their lives? Do you see an area where they could possibly begin a new habit to help them? What does it take to effectively change our habits and develop routines that work for our lives?

There is some good research out there to help us create new habits and change or modify old ones. I’m going to share some of the latest research on habit formation I have found helpful. My hope is that you’ll walk away from reading this ready to evaluate you and your mentee's habits and routines and confidently work toward improving the areas that matter most to you this year.

Here are two interesting articles on how to put into practice a new habit. Take a look and comment below, add anything you find helpful or share any resources or ideas you might have! We can all learn from each other. Thanks for reading and have a great day!!


The 3 R’s of Habit Change: How To Start New Habits That Actually Stick
By James Clear | Behavioral Psychology, Habits Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits.

How in shape or out of shape you are? A result of your habits.

How happy or unhappy you are? A result of your habits.

How successful or unsuccessful you are? A result of your habits.

What you repeatedly do (i.e. what you spend time thinking about and doing each day) ultimately forms the person you are, the things you believe, and the personality that you portray.

But what if you want to improve? What if you want to form new habits? How would you go about it?

Turns out, there's a helpful framework that can make it easier to stick to new habits so that you can improve your health, your work, and your life in general.

Let's talk about that framework now…

Before we talk about how to get started, I wanted to let you know I researched and compiled science-backed ways to stick to good habits and stop procrastinating. Want to check out my insights? Download my free PDF guide “Transform Your Habits” here.
The 3 R’s of Habit Change

Every habit you have — good or bad — follows the same 3–step pattern.
Reminder (the trigger that initiates the behavior)
Routine (the behavior itself; the action you take)
Reward (the benefit you gain from doing the behavior)

I call this framework “The 3 R's of Habit Change,” but I didn't come up with this pattern on my own. It’s been proven over and over again by behavioral psychology researchers.


All habits form by the same 3–step process. Here's an example: the traffic light turns green, you drive through the intersection, you make it closer to your destination. Reminder, routine, reward. (Graphic based on Charles Duhigg's “Habit Loop” in The Power of Habit. Created by James Clear.) How can you use this structure to create new habits and actually stick to them?

Here is the Second Article:

How Habits Work

From the appendix to The Power of Habit:
Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.


Identify the routine

Experiment with rewards

Isolate the cue

Have a plan

Obviously, changing some habits can be more difficult. But this framework is a place to start. Sometimes change takes a long time. Sometimes it requires repeated experiments and failures. But once you understand how a habit operates – once you diagnose the cue, the routine and the reward – you gain power over it.
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Posted by Melynda Galioto
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